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How did The Refill Hut begin? The idea was born when walking along a Cornish beach. Our founder, Karen, was seeing the effect of waste and climate change on the coast of Cornwall every day. Plastic waste washed up on the shore, dead fish and wildlife caught up in nets and bags. Her dream was to help others make changes that make a positive impact on the environment. To encourage many people to live a more eco-conscious life imperfectly than to have just a few living it perfectly.

Dreams To Reality

Karen kept coming back to this kernel of an idea, her plans grew and The Refill Hut was born. An accessible space where people can get affordable daily essentials whilst making positive changes to help the environment. By choosing a zero waste approach to buying groceries and household goods and choosing products that have been produced in a low impact way, people are empowered to make planet friendly choices without pressure or too much 'preachiness'!


The Refill Hut isn't about being perfect - who is! It's about making choices when you can to lower your impact. Fill up an old jam jar with rice, choose a toilet cleaner that is less polluting for our rivers or switch to a bamboo toothbrush. All these little things add up, and the more of us that make these daily choices, the better for our planet.


Everything comes back to our core values of local, low impact and less waste. We stock as much local Cornish produce as we can to help reduce food miles, support other local small businesses and make the most of the wonderful produce and talented makers that live in Cornwall. We aim to run our business in as low impact a way as possible from the products we stock, the suppliers we work with and the renewable energy we use, right through to helping customers make low impact choices in their day to day life. Less waste is our thing! From our refill, zero waste range of goods to recycling and reusing as much as we can from delivery boxes to packing paper.

Drop by The Refill Hut and find out how you can make a few simple swaps to help keep our planet healthy.

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Awards & Schemes

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Feeling thirsty? We're delighted to be part of the Refill scheme, so pop in and use our Refill Station to top up your water bottles and help reduce single use plastic.

We're proud to have achieved the Surfers Against Sewage 'Plastic Free Champion' award. This award has been given to businesses that are demonstrating a commitment to real and effective change, helping bring about a shift in our buying and lifestyle habits.

And of course, we are 5 star rated in the food hygiene scheme.

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The Refill Hut Gallery

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